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Cash Mojo Online members...Welcome all! latest May updates..and a new opportunity for people to earn money out there and is also open to new 24/7 Mojo members !! At Ira's request and input from existing members, We are recruiting for 4 E-homeworkers, to assist website affiliates in performing simple daily search tasks and ad validations out on the web, so first this is not a program,and there is nothing to purchase. If you are interested here are the basic requirements you can use desktop PC or laptop 'no mobile devices ie phones', 1) you will need a reliable high speed internet connection 'helps with faster page loads' 2)basic knowledge using Firefox- Chrome browsers being able to open and navigate between open windows/tabs and have a gmail account. 3) must be able to copy-paste and email forward correspondence,confirmation email,images,folders,and or attachments. Once assignments are completed and verified by admin,payouts are sent via paypal accounts within 3 business days. Training and email tech support is provided. There is an initial easy to follow online task we will send out to all candidates to measure online skills,ability to follow through on assignments/formats, Interested in this part time opportunity forward your contact details to us through our website support email: thank you

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